Hello lovely humanoids and greetings from the always sunny United Kingdom!

I have been here for a whole month! It has absolutely flown by.

The first week here involved setting up tenancy agreements, finding grocery stores, and figuring out how public transportation works (in other news I am definitely a fan of public transit). Birmingham itself seems to be a lovely city; there are so many different cultures and nationalities here and I absolutely love it.

We found the Bull!


The beginning of September marked our first steps into the actual work here.

Equip Photo
Aren’t we precious?

This month was heavy on the classroom setting with a focus on team building, cultural awareness, how to start conversations, and the purpose of a DMM (Disciple Making Movement). A normal session is about six hours long and will normally meet three to four times a week. Additionally, we have been attending church planting meetings which has allowed for networking.


Part of our process here includes getting to know the house churches in the area and find one to call home. These first few weeks involved a lot of exploration but I look forward to calling one of these churches home in the next few weeks.

Finally, our mentors have been urging us to take the time to build relationships and look for places to start spiritual conversations. This involves actually going out and talking to people (shocker I know). One of the favorite sayings of our mentors was, “You won’t have spiritual conversations with people if you can’t go out and actually have conversations with people.”

So that is all for now my friends, know that I love you guys and I am so grateful for who God has made you to be. Never stop growing or pushing forward.


Jacob Bush



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