Hello lovely humans (if you aren’t human and are reading this, kudos for your progress on the evolutionary process, let’s grab coffee).

I am realizing that it is that time of year again: Marriage and Baby Time. I scroll through my Facebook and my Instagram and I see post after post saying, “WE GOT MARRIED! WE

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My motto with life. 

HAD A BABY! I GOT A NEW JOB! INSERT RANDOM FANTASTIC LIFE EVEN HERE!” When those event happen I find myself curling up with a cup of coffee and self loathing because I am not as far along in my life as they are (which is completely inaccurate but bear with me I am making a point here). Am I the only one who feels that way? I highly doubt it and I have been working through some ideas on how to combat the comparison game.

First, we have to recognize our intrinsic worth and value as a human created by God…and acknowledge that every other human (for those of my nonhuman readers I don’t know the theological implications, let me get back to you) has the same worth. So be happy for Billy Joe and Mary Sue as they get hitched or have kids. Be happy for them in their happiness. But don’t think for a minute that you are less valuable or worthwhile just because you are in a different stage. Recognize your worth.

Another reasonable step would be to examine whether or not you are pursuing worthwhile goals or achievements. Some of us are in periods of transition/rest which is fantastic, make resting and recovering your goal. For the rest of the world, pace yourselves but work hard to be the person you want to be! It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and not take time to rest and enjoy the lives that we have. CGP Grey posted a fantastic video on Youtube that deals with happiness and misery, I’ll post a link at the end of this. I highly recommend watching it as it is funny and intuitive into the human psyche.

Also stay off of social media! Or at least do not let it define your life. Go read a book, play a game, go on a walk, swim, cook, fight a dragon, establish contact with another species, etc. I find social media sucks me in and I am trying to cut back on it bits and pieces at a time. Change things up a bit!  You are the only one who can live your life, but I can tell you that staying on social media (which is ironic because WordPress is a form of social media) for long periods of time is quite unhealthy. It leads to jealousy, anger, self-loathing, all because of the comparison game. Who do you want to be? Go and be that person!

I hope that this helps give you a better idea of who you want to be and encourages you not to play the comparison game. If you have any suggestions for not playing the comparison game please leave a comment.

Video on Misery and Happiness:


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