Today is a fairly short one (school has a way of distracting one from the things they enjoy) but I need to be reminded of it.

I am not good at staying still. I enjoy being active, being engaged in the world around me, and always on the go. Why is that? Perhaps I have some need to control the world around me and if I keep moving, I won’t realize that it has progressed for millions of years and will continue to progress long after I am gone. Maybe I spend so much time chasing after the things that make me happy that I do not let God speak in the quietness of the early morning because I am so eager to pursue the day and the challenges that it presents. I am continually being reminded of Jesus saying, “Come to me, you who are weary and I will give you rest.”

Let us take some time to be still and rest during these chaotic days. Be vigilant, work hard, but take some time to care for yourself.


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