Sirius and I had the opportunity to go to India this last summer and explore two of the architectural wonders of India, the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. Frankly, I liked the Agra Fort more than I liked the Taj Mahal but I will post pictures of the both of them.

Now for those of you who don’t know, Agra is about 200 km south of New Delhi (though with India’s traffic 200 km can either be incredibly smooth riding or a terrifying experience). The weather there was incredibly hot but it was not too terribly crowded which was nice.

The incredible beauty of these structures are not done justice by pictures, but I hope that you like them. It was easily one of my favorite parts of my trek in India but it was also sad to know of how many people died to create these massive structures. Also, if you plan on going to visit these, know that there are many street vendors and sellers, learn how to bargain with people (or bring a trusted friend).

The Taj viewed from the Agra Fort


If you can’t tell it was incredibly hot that day and I was just grateful for shade
Did I mention Sirius is my pet Panda?
She is adorable isn’t she?


I have plastic on my shoes as a show of respect as that part of the Taj was a mosque.

I absolutely adored getting to spend time in Agra. There are aspects of it that I did not necessarily appreciate but that is a blog post for a different time. The only thing that I can recommend that I have not already is if you go in June, just know that it is going to be ridiculously hot so bring water.


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