There is a quote from one of my favorite books in the world called the Hobbit (you might have heard of the painful movie adaptation with elf romance). In this book, written by one of my favorite authors J.R.R. Tolkien, one of the main characters says something profound:

:Food and Cheer

Gold, the embodiment of wealth drives us so far apart. It is deceptive but does not always reveal itself the way we expect. In the Hobbit book (spoilers yes, but it has been out for over 60 years so you brought this on yourself), Thorin prizes one gem above them all. It is called the Arkenstone. Thorin would gladly give up every other treasure in the world for this stone as it represents his kingdom and his power. He will kill, lie, threaten, and steal to gain his power. Does that sentence describe you?

Let’s approach this a little differently. Notice on Facebook, in the news, or elsewhere, what do you see? People screaming at one another, at this point I don’t know what we are yelling about anymore: Donald Trump? Been there. Bernie Sanders? Done that. Climate change, gun control, LGBTQ, poverty, fill in the blank.


Steve Carrell you sum up my thoughts on life incredibly well: Thank you.

Anyway back to the yelling. See, I get involved in those every now and then but each time I do I regret it. I regret it because I take the time that I could have been developing a relationship with someone and spend it tearing them down. I am not saying always agree with people, I prefer it when people think for themselves. But can we agree that perhaps the whole CNN, Fox News, Facebook, and God forbid the YouTube comment section (I stared into the pits of hell and a YouTube comment section stared back) might not be the best ways to go about it? Maybe instead we should work on listening without thinking beforehand about what we will say.

I truly do not care what side of the political spectrum you’re on, your sexuality, your position on gun laws, etc. I care about you as a person and while we may or may not agree on the aforementioned things, you will always matter. You are someone made in Imago Dei or the Image of God. If we get into a discussion on politics or anything else that’s fine (let’s keep it respectable and logical), but know that after our discussion, it is obligatory that we either go for coffee, food, or a movie (I think Zootopia is out and I hear that’s good).


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